Strana 23

Our first model is a 23 foot open boat with large social areas and a Scandinavian design breathing harmony. According to our filosofy this boat is extremely energy efficient, as the hull was designed by Ocke Mannerfelt, for electric drive already with the first pen stroke.

Strana Light 19

Configurate a Strana 23

The boat is designed for range over speed and it is optimised for slow-boating up to 15 knots. The efficient hull glides through the water without creating waves. This attribute enables exeptinal range without the need of a large battery pack.

Diagram energi
Diagram distans

The diagrams gives an understanding of how the Strana 23 behaves, and it's clear how increased speed drasticaly affects the range. As an example a cruising speed of 5 knots will take you over 80 nautic miles, on one charge. This is similar to 148 km on land.  Considering that a normal daily excursion with a similar boat rarely exceeds 20 nautic miles, meaning you will struggle to use more than 50% of the battery capacity at each occation.

With a Strana 23 anxiaty of the range shouldn't exist

Karta distans

at 5 kn
with 28 kW/h


Lenght: 23 feet (7 m)
2,25 m
600 kg 
(exclusive batteri och drivlina)
960 kg
(inklusive batteri och drivlina)

Sustainable lifestyle

Strana 23 is a fully electric boat that changes the view about boating. Since it is a displacement hull, the boat maintain it's position in the water regardless change of speed. It's a social platform tailored for shared fun and exitement at sea.

Enjoy the ocean life in harmony with the nature. No Sound, No Pollution