Strana introduces
Boat 2 Grid

With Strana, you can become part of something bigger

The fact that a vehicle can also be used as an energy bank is usually referred to as Vehicle to Grid or V2G. This means that you could buy electricity cheaply at night and then use it when the price is at its highest. Many car manufacturers already provide this option. Now Strana, as the first boat manufacturer, can offer exactly the same opportunity with the difference that we call it Boat to Grid, B2G.

The possibilities of using the boat's battery even when it is on land make the purchase of a Strana an even better deal. Imagine yourself suddenly having access to a 28 kWh battery when the boat is safely on land next to your property and provides support for your electricity consumption.

B2 G logo
B2g pil

B2G is a technology that enables bi-directional charging of your electric boat and will be available as an option in Strana model 2023.

B2g diagram

Reduce your electricity bill - recharge the batteries when electricity is cheapest, or you produce the most, and use the energy in the batteries when electricity is expensive.

B2g plugg

With Strana B2G, you get access to a wall outlet out on the lake. Charge your computer, mobile or perhaps make a cup of coffee?

B2g money

Electrification places new demands on our power grids. Help stabilize the power grid while earning money from your battery.