Our goal is a
sustainable life at sea

For Orust e-boats / Strana Electric Boats, it is the environmental issue and the opportunity to contribute to solving the climate crisis that is the basis of why we exist. Sustainable boating and fundamentally changing the way boats are used has therefore become our guiding light. This means that we don't stop looking at solutions and possibilities just because we have an electric motor. The driveline is only one part of a sustainable boating life.

Here are our eight guiding stars - and status today

100% Electric - no compromise.

  • Our powertrains will always be electric.


Consume less energy

  • Although we have an electric motor, it consumes energy. We must take care to consume as little energy as possible. We can do this in several ways - for example:
    • Designa skrov som är så energieffektiva som möjligt
    • Premiera räckvidd före fart
    • Gör ”slow boating” en del av hållbara konceptet. Ny tid kräver nya tankesätt.


Our range ratio beats all but foiling hulls

Away with the emissions of microplastics and toxins in the sea

  • Algae and build-up on the hull negatively affects energy consumption, so there is no escaping dealing with this. Unfortunately, normal bottom painting of our leisure boats means a big problem with the release of microplastics and biocides into our waters.
  • We deliver our boats without bottom painting - but we have dialogue with manufacturers of environmentally friendly alternatives (emission-free paints or lifting devices) to which we can refer our customers. We will continue to explore the market for the best options that reduce emissions while maintaining energy efficiency.


Cooperation initiated

Produce locally and sustainably

  • We have a proud boat building tradition on the West Coast that we want to take care of. For our home markets, production must remain here together with development etc.
  • As we open new markets, we shall promote local production, where it is efficient from an environmental point of view.
  • We shall strive to purchase components that are produced nearby.


Swedish production and powertrain from Norway

Durable materials in the hull and components

  • Circular materials (recycled)
  • Environmentally sustainable materials where we avoid dangerous plastics etc


Increased focus in coming years

Energy storage

  • The energy crisis is a fact, we must help electricity companies and consumers to sustainable, smart energy use. With the boat/batteries as energy storage, we can balance the energy demand at times when it is available.
  • We must lead this development for the entire industry


We offer the service in 2023, the first of all boat manufacturers – full focus

Green energy / Solar energy

  • Develop techniques where we use or produce green energy ourselves.
  • This could mean solar cells on the boat or stationary at the dock/home.


Cooperation initiated

Sharing services are a very important part of a sustainable/circular society. The degree of utilization of available resources is increased and more people can get financial access to them.

  • For the boat industry, this means that fewer produced boats are used by more people. Less need to expand boat berths, reduced release of microplastics, etc.
  • Electric boats with an integrated app as a key are very suitable for sharing service. We must be at the forefront and create opportunities and smart solutions that further promote this.
  • We shall reward joint ownership where possible before individuals


Full focus – unique implementation in progress